When Short-Term Disability Is Unavailable

Jamie had worked as a scrub nurse for 25 years. Exposed to difficult and harsh environments in the Emergency Room, she developed asthma and diabetes. Having worked since 1974, she subscribed to the theory that you just “rub some dirt on your problem and keep going.”

The “dirt” wasn’t working, though. She simply couldn’t keep up with the requirements of her nursing job at the age of 60.

Since Jamie was not old enough to draw Social Security, she tried short-term disability. However, she did not qualify to receive short-term benefits. Then, she started to get even more sick.

She couldn’t work, she couldn’t generate income, and no one else was keeping her up.

The Struggle to Survive

In 2017, Jamie was forced to move out of her home and live with someone else. She couldn’t work, she couldn’t generate income, and no one else was keeping her up. It was up to her to find a solution.

Unfortunately, word of mouth isn’t what it used to be. She couldn’t find answers from friends or family like in the old days.

Jamie performed a Google Search to find help. She found out about applying for Social Security Disability benefits, then tried to apply on her own. But, she was denied. Another roadblock.

Where to Turn For Help?

Jamie discovered Disability Apply to represent her before the Social Security Administration. She completed the re-application process with the help of our team. After 7 months, she was approved to receive benefits.

In July 2019 — two years after being forced out of her home — Jamie started to receive benefits. She received her lump sum back pay, then monthly benefits checks.

“I dealt with egos all my life working in the ER, so it was refreshing to work with a genuine group of people at Disability Apply,” Jamie says. “It was a hard process, but I had to do it, and I’m really pleased with the results.”

A Chance for Restoration

Now that Jamie has steady income, she feels like a burden has been lifted from her shoulders. As a self-reliant, independent person who worked her entire adult life, she now has the opportunity to live on her own again after being on the brink of homelessness.

It was difficult for Jamie to ask for help when she felt like she could apply on her own. However, Jamie discovered that you absolutely need a representative to help you through the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Now, Jamie can get the treatment she needs as she seeks restoration.